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Every time I do a job, I want a testimonial. I can only do that if I do a good job. Please take a little time to read what my clients say about me and my work.

Reg did a beautiful job on a variety of tasks in my house. Basement, a staircase, a loft and a deck. Lovely work. Solid and detailed. I have no problem recommending him for carpentry work inside and out.

- Peter Sickles, Brookside

I had an old shed that I thought was done for. Reg came out and saved it. He replaced the doorway, the floor, some of the rotted side boards and put on new shingles. It's better than new!

- Jeanie Bezanson, Dartmouth

It is our pleasure to recommend Reg. We have had him do several jobs and will have him back again to build our new shed. He's very precise. accurate and extremely professional and patient. He takes pride in his work and we'll have him back again to do any more work we have.

- Wayne & Alice Gauthier, Goodwood 

We had an old bench in our front garden which had seen better days. We contacted Reg Galloway, who had already done some work for us, and asked him to repair it. The results were fantastic! Thank you, Reg!

- Laura Pont, Brookside

I needed eight drawer fronts to match my cabinets. Reg custom made them to match. They look like they were made together. Amazing work. Thanks!

- Rhonda Dea, Brookside

We hired Reg to put some new windows in and also asked if he could come up with ideas for our front steps, because they were old, ugly concrete. He designed and built new ones for us and we love them. Very professional and look amazing. Many people comment on how much it adds to the curb appeal of our house. He worked within our timelines and was very dependable. He is a great guy and very easy to work with. He does great work and we would seriously hire him again and again. In fact, we did. Thanks Reg!

- Darlene Penney, Brookside

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